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Store all Data in a Centralized Repository at any scale

Run various types of analytics – from dashboards and graphics to big data processing, real-time analytics, and AI & machine learning for better decisions.

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Datahub – Single Source of Truth for Your Business Applications

BigLedger takes an architecture approach and determines how SaaS systems can smoothly fit into the existing configuration of your business. We are providing the most innovative methods in leveraging big data and application integration, generating greater customer and business insight, and enhancing current operational processes. Akaun platform is based on multi-channel cloud-native architecture, with scalability, cross platform, online and offline capability and real-time analytics. The goal is to revolutionize the productivity and efficiency of the business world by combining the value and benefits of cloud-native application platform & AI technologies.

From simplifying the art of software and data management to unlocking the capabilities and value of Data Lake technologies, BigLedger makes the benefits of Big Data available to the world of business.

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Digitalize Your Business Future with our Software

We tear down the complexities of the ERP system, CRM, eCommerce, Point of Sales, Financial Accounting, Warehouse Management, Logistics and Delivery, Contact Centre, Digital Marketing, Inventory Management, Membership Program and various other business applications, and then mash up into manageable tiny applications (we call them “applets”). With this, businesses will be able to consolidate all their data scattered across multiple systems , and manage them all in one place.

Based on multi-channel cloud-native architecture, with scalability, cross platform, mobile, and REST-API, it has re-shaped the future of a range of companies, by providing them with the unique cloud-native app solutions.

Accelerate With Simplicity
Innovate Intelligently
Enable Business Automation
Prepare for Industry 4.0


Operational Intelligence Through the Cloud-Native Software Solutions

BigLedger is a unified, easily available, centralized data warehouse of great volumes of structured and unstructured information. The platform is useful to lower the data storage costs, the ability to store more data types, scale multiple data types, advanced capacity, data analysis and designed to reduce the risk for future data management.


 Embrace Flexibility

The Big Data Lake platform possesses the ability to store all types of structured (e.g., spreadsheets) and unstructured data (e.g., emails & videos), XML, machine-to-machine, sales & customer data from business applications, IoT and sensor data. Preserving both the original data fidelity and the lineage of data transformation, BigLedger serves as a highly-scalable and flexible base for data analytics processes.

 Capable Online & Offline

BigLedger platform is both online- & offline-capable, as it can be launched without any Internet connection and maintains its core functionalities whilst offline, thus, eliminating the dependence on the stable Internet connection.

Outperform your competitors

Being an early adopter of the new technology is a big decision, giving your company enormous opportunities to get ahead of the competition and stand out of the crowd in the local & international business arenas. By reinforcing the culture of innovation, the adoption of BigLedger is one big step further towards transforming your business in the number-one enterprise.

Capture the Benefits of Industry 4.0  

Standing for a complete digitalization of industrial value chain, Industry 4.0 demands a data tool to integrate and smooth the real-time workflow processes with the key priority placed on maximizing the production efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Business Ecosystems
  • Business Processes
  • Business Activities & Functions
  • Organizational Culture
  • Business Asset Management
  • Customer, Employee & Partner Approaches
  • Captures the real-time analytics on transactions without data duplication
  • Simplified application architecture & IT landscape with minimized movement of data
  • Addresses structured and unstructured data to enable next-generation data management & new innovations

You can manage users, groups, as well as permissions to the data lake in the Administration section of your solution console.

Cloud Migration

A swift, secure and smooth transition of your data to the Cloud

Wavelet facilitates the cloud migration process of your business data with the highest level of security and minimal risk. Our migration services are reliable, secure, and efficient and require minimal downtime. We truly believe in the effectiveness of cloud technologies for businesses, delivering our services at its highest level. Join Wavelet on you journey to the cloud and benefit from our tools, capabilities, ecosystem and experience.


We use a time-tested and structured approach to cloud migration, as well as reliable tools and technologies designed to simplify the entire process, saving you time and money.


We develop a cloud migration strategy taking into consideration the customer’s needs, cost analysis, as well as desired method of data access and its safety. In addition, Wavelet helps you choose the right set of cloud services, to provide the solutions of the maximal efficiency.


The security of our client’s data is a top priority for Wavelet. We migrate data only with proven encrypted technology, to address all the security concerns, including identity and access management, logging and data protection.


Reduce migration complexity and eliminate risk with our methodologies. Our migration solution provides you with the flexibility and security enterprises need to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital ecosystem. We handcraft every project with a personalized approach to each customer, by following the most crucial phases of migration process: 

Wavelet serves a wide range of industries across both the public and private sectors, within Malaysia and beyond. We have extensive experience and knowledge to develop a solution appropriate and efficient for your industry and company size.

Wavelet will remove the uncertainty and doubts that are likely to happen during cloud migration process. Our experienced team will carefully assess your needs and preferences, and determine the best option for your business. We will create a clear and comprehensive strategy that will ensure you enjoy all the benefits of cloud technologies. We will implement the migration and ensure that your team is trained to fully understand new cloud applications and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cloud migration with Wavelet enables you to unify encryption & control across the virtualized and cloud infrastructure, resulting into the increased security and compliance for sensitive data.

Cloud Migration services with Wavelet features the cloud integration with other services, in order to break down data silos, improve connectivity, visibility, cost effectiveness and ultimately optimize business processes. Some examples include:

  • Point-of-sale systems (POS): Automatic synchronization of products and stock levels.
  • Marketing systems: Automatic synchronization of contacts to and from CRMs.

Wavelet assists their clients with all the stages of the cloud migration process, starting from Assessment, Analysis and Strategy Development to Testing, Execution and Transformation. We ensure the on-hand collaboration with our clients to meet the set objectives and expectations.

Mobile Application Development

The 21st century, described as the Golden Age of Mobility, has shifted the preference in devices from computers to smartphones. Offering more value, mobile phones and installed mobile apps allow greater flexibility and freedom of movement for customers, making businesses adjust to the modern tendency. The rising trend of developing business mobile applications carries a number of great benefits for companies, while customers get higher value through more convenient channels.

Wavelet develops mobile applications for their clients, taking into consideration every aspect of the client’s business, including their brand positioning, value they offer, as well as works towards maximizing the user experience at every stage of the user journey. The variety of mobile applications developed by Wavelet includes Customer Service applications, Operational Business applications, Decision-Making Applications & Analytics Reporting applications.


More Value to Your Customers

The modern world has shifted from desktops to mobile devices, unleashing enormous new ways for businesses to strengthen their brand presence. Mobile applications can serve as the platform to provide more value through accelerated customer service and support, building relationships and sending offers and updates.

Integrated System Solutions

Our mobile app integration services provide you with innovative ways to work effectively and gives you the option of utilizing your complete infrastructure behind your applications. For example, integrating apps with a company’s CRM and ERP platforms gives sales team a single, streamlined user interface and enables accelerated order processing. Our integration practices are the increasingly interconnected approach to delivering a cohesive user experience, business agility and innovation.

Powerful Marketing Tool

In order to use your mobile application as an effective marketing tool, it is important to design it as interactive as possible. The few ideas can include the customer loyalty / reward program, ‘Offers’ page with a click-to-call button, pop-up messages (reminders), social media share options, and blog updates.

Brand Visibility & On-the-Go Marketing

The active lifestyle of modern customers makes them spend most of their time travelling. This trend is imposing additional constraints on the companies and their brand awareness strategy, as the traditional marketing channels, such as TV and magazines are no longer in high demand. Thus, having a technology tool that will help the business to always stay connected to their customers is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wavelet mobile app development team is the combination of professional Product Strategists, Project Managers, UX Designers, UI Designers, Business Analysts and IT engineers. The strength of Wavelet team lies in the diversity of skills and backgrounds of our team members. Based on their rich experience and in-depth research, the unique strategy for your company is developed and implemented with the best time management practices.

Wavelet develops the various types of mobile applications useful for business of any size in any industry. Those mobile applications include Customer Service applications, Operational Business Applications, Decision-Making applications and many more.

Yes, mobile apps developed by Wavelet are easy to use, quick to configure and extensively customizable. Our custom mobile app development services can help you achieve the operational efficiencies and customer engagement to grow your business.

E-Commerce Solutions

The modern century is witnessing the e-commerce boom and the rising popularity of online shopping among millions of consumers across the world. The growing interest in e-commerce websites is expected to grow at the accelerating pace within Malaysia and beyond its borders.

The Wavelet team of highly-qualified professionals pays careful attention to every detail, when developing and designing your online shopping site. Responsive web design, UX / UI coherence, easy navigation, and variety of convenient payment options are at the core of every project developed by our Wavelet team.  Making a difference in the online shopping arena is possible with the e-commerce website by Wavelet, created to help you stand out of the crowd!

Wavelet creates tailor-made E-commerce solutions for businesses that are or aspire to be at the forefront of their industry. We assist our customers reach new heights by building e-commerce solutions with the best latest technologies. It is more than just technology –  it is a solution developed throughout years of project delivery experience.



Greater Visibility and Unlimited Reach

In comparison to traditional shopping, e-commerce gives businesses an advantage in the form of greater visibility to your audience. Online shopping eliminates the boundaries allowing your customers to enjoy shopping at any location, at any time and with any device.

Learn More about Your Customer

Having an e-commerce website allows your company to know your targeted audience better, by getting insights into their online shopping behaviour, spending patterns and analyzing their customer reviews. The collection and analysis of this data will assist in shaping the company’s marketing strategy and enhancing your customer’s level of satisfaction with the brand.

Decreased Cost

Not bound by physical limitations, online shops have a great advantage in the form of lower cost in comparison to physical retailers. Online advertising channels and automated processes reduce the marketing expenses, as well as human resources and supply chain costs.

Effective Customer Service

E-commerce accelerates the business processes and enhances productivity, making customer service faster and more efficient. The information is available 24/7, the response time to clients’ queries is shortened, while the number of ways for how to reach the support team is growing (e.g., email, phone, skype and others). As a result, e-commerce stores give greater flexibility, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Complete E-commerce solution for retail businesses
  • Integration with various systems
  • Compatibility with all devices
  • Quick & accurate search function
  • Multi-Language / Multi-Currency / Multi-Store Capability
  • Secure payment gateway options

Yes, some examples of integration services Wavelet provides are:

  • Customer Information & Communication: the quality back-end services to address your customer’s needs and issues.
  • ERP system: Order, inventory, item, customer and shipping/tracking are communicated between your once independent systems.
  • Payment Gateway systems: coordinate with popular gateway systems to provide the best payment solution for clients.

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AI & Machine Learning

AI empowers businesses to become more competitive in the market, a more informed decision maker, as well as provide the enhanced products, services, and user experience.

Whether your goal is to adopt AI to conduct your digital transformation, or to solve specific real-world business or technical challenges, our experience in software development, programming, data analytics, deep learning, and optimization algorithms will make AI work for the success of your business. 


Wavelet offers the innovative solutions on AI and Machine Learning to accelerate the growth of your business. Our team possesses a rich set of skills and platform services to build smarter apps and customize AI for our clients. We believe that a high number of daily operations can be carried out efficiently by a robot with the support of Machine Learning techniques. This synthesis has clear application for many business processes across all industries.


Wavelet is one of the best AI services consulting companies in Malaysia, delivering value by understanding your business goals and providing end-to-end strategy and implementation. We are a team of AI specialists to help your business embark on your transformational journey with the adoption of the innovative technologies. Our AI and advanced analytics services help to prepare your data to maximize the benefits of AI & Machine Learning. Wavelet experts show how to create and implement the right strategy in your organization and embrace a data-driven culture.


Wavelet empowers your business with the enormous benefits of Machine Learning, a set of technologies that enables machines to leverage data for self-learning just as humans do. They can interpret complicated data, detect trends, and identify patterns in it. One of the services we give a particular focus on is the Chatbot Development.

We specialize in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that enables machines to understand, as well as comprehend what an individual says and writes, interpret their sentiments, and take relevant actions and steps on the basis of this understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a variety of AI applications for businesses, including Product Development, Warehousing, Logistics, Supply chain monitoring and Sales & Marketing. Besides, AI-enabled technologies can be used to identify different groups among customers for targeting, forecasting the demand of products and services, identifying risks in a company’s supply chain, as well as enhancing the quality of lead generation and scoring.

AI can work with any type of data, including structured and unstructured data. In addition to typical business structured data, such as sales figures, it is also able to work with unstructured data like images and social media interactions. This expands the range of opportunities open for your business to explore AI benefits.

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Information Technology (IT) Consulting

Wavelet Technology Consulting services implies much more than standardized suggestions about software or online tools…we are developing your ideal solution!

Our team creates a strategy specifically tailored to the needs of your business and industry you operate in. Through the in-depth research of your business and the problem you are trying to resolve, our Wavelet team offers you the solution tool designed to eliminate the constraints currently faced by your business.

Based on the years of experience in IT industry, Wavelet provides the quality consulting services in the wide range of areas:

Wavelet will help accurately assess your business needs and write your unique transformation success story. Our professionals will guide you through the digital maze and start by defining your strategy and drawing your roadmap. We are uniquely positioned in the market to deliver digital solutions across industries by bringing together the power of connectivity, security, cloud and analytics.

Our network of experienced, skilled and qualified digital transformation consulting partners to assist you on your journey of change. Let us be your inspiration for further business transformation in order to deliver more effective customer solutions than your competitors. Wavelet offers the design-thinking-based and technology-driven services in business automation, customer experience management, innovation product design & development, and many more. Our services also include:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wavelet assists your company by enhancing business productivity by allowing collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing, to enable your employees to innovate and be efficient. We help your business throughout the entire digital transformation process, to ensure the smooth transition with the best tools and expertise in the market. We ensure your company’s growth in the era of digital technologies.

Wavelet always uses a customer-focused, one-to-one approach for their clients. We explore every case with the purpose of profound understanding of the customer’s needs and preferences to provide the best solution.

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Analyzing the unique needs and preferences of every business, we use only a one-to-one customized approach to each client

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