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The modern century is witnessing the e-commerce boom and the rising popularity of online shopping among millions of consumers across the world. The growing interest in e-commerce websites is expected to grow at the accelerating pace within Malaysia and beyond its borders.

The Wavelet team of highly-qualified professionals pays careful attention to every detail, when developing and designing your online shopping site. Responsive web design, UX / UI coherence, easy navigation, and variety of convenient payment options are at the core of every project developed by our Wavelet team.  Making a difference in the online shopping arena is possible with the e-commerce website by Wavelet, created to help you stand out of the crowd!

Wavelet creates tailor-made E-commerce solutions for businesses that are or aspire to be at the forefront of their industry. We assist our customers reach new heights by building e-commerce solutions with the best latest technologies. It is more than just technology –  it is a solution developed throughout years of project delivery experience.



Greater Visibility and Unlimited Reach

In comparison to traditional shopping, e-commerce gives businesses an advantage in the form of greater visibility to your audience. Online shopping eliminates the boundaries allowing your customers to enjoy shopping at any location, at any time and with any device.

Learn More about Your Customer

Having an e-commerce website allows your company to know your targeted audience better, by getting insights into their online shopping behaviour, spending patterns and analyzing their customer reviews. The collection and analysis of this data will assist in shaping the company’s marketing strategy and enhancing your customer’s level of satisfaction with the brand.

Decreased Cost

Not bound by physical limitations, online shops have a great advantage in the form of lower cost in comparison to physical retailers. Online advertising channels and automated processes reduce the marketing expenses, as well as human resources and supply chain costs.

Effective Customer Service

E-commerce accelerates the business processes and enhances productivity, making customer service faster and more efficient. The information is available 24/7, the response time to clients’ queries is shortened, while the number of ways for how to reach the support team is growing (e.g., email, phone, skype and others). As a result, e-commerce stores give greater flexibility, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Complete E-commerce solution for retail businesses Integration with various systems Compatibility with all devices Quick & accurate search function Multi-Language / Multi-Currency / Multi-Store Capability Secure payment gateway options
Yes, some examples of integration services Wavelet provides are: Customer Information & Communication: the quality back-end services to address your customer's needs and issues. ERP system: Order, inventory, item, customer and shipping/tracking are communicated between your once independent systems. Payment Gateway systems: coordinate with popular gateway systems to provide the best payment solution for clients.
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