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Cloud ERP. Mix and Match Your Modules.

Finance & Accounting, Inventory, Trading, Sales, Procurement, CRM, RMA and Warranty, Bank Recon, Membership, Manufacturing, and even E-commerce, Whatsapp and Social Media Integration for every business size.

EMP is a cost-effective web-based ERP system software, aimed at transforming the business management processes into the single complete well-coordinated mechanism for effective decision-making and performance excellence.

Serving as a helping hand for a number of niche markets, such as retail chain stores, trading and distribution companies, Wavelet EMP (ERP) software solutions have captured the attention of various branded customers in a range of industries including computer retailers, mobile phone retailers, furniture shops, shoes / footwear companies and many more.

Our ERP system offers a wide range of modules to maximize the efficiency of your business:

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This module is usually used by wholesalers or distributors. User can create sale order, collect deposit for sale order, and perform SO fulfilment (delivery). Features available include:

  • Order Taking / SO
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Delivery Management
  • Customer Consignment
  • Receipt Analysis Report

This module (also known as account receivable) provides all features and functions related to customers.

  • AR Ageing Report
  • Printing billing statement
  • Settlement of outstanding invoices
  • Issue Credit Memo
  • Reports based on Customer Transaction
  • Consolidated Monthly Billing

This module is to manage the movement of stock. Features available are goods received, stock transfer, stock return, stock adjustment and stock count. It also includes extensive screen inquiry to give you the detailed information for effective real-time inventory management.

  • Goods Received
  • Stock Transfer (Internal/intercompany)
  • Stock Return
  • Stock Movement/Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Balance Enquiry

This module allows the user to create purchase order, approve the PO, convert their PO into GRN at receiving store, perform purchase enquiry to supplier.

  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Return
  • Supplier Consignment
  • Supplier Product Enquiry
  • Direct Receiving Stock
  • GRN by Purchase Order
  • PO Listing / GRN Listing

This module (also known as account payable) provides all features and functions related to suppliers.

Features available Include:

  • Supplier Ageing Report
  • Printing Billing Statement
  • Issue Credit Memo
  • Create Supplier Invoice
  • Create Supplier Reports

This module is to manage product-related information. Features available include:

  • Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • Product Category (10 levels)
  • Product Type
  • Product Master
  • Price Type
  • Product Price
  • Discount/Promotion Setup
  • Product Conversion

This module is also known as General Ledger module. Users can create / edit journal entries and view the details of any General Ledger. As EMP supports multiple companies in the same database, the financial statements of multiple companies could be printed in matrix format.

  • GL, Financial Statements (TB, P&L, BS)
  • AR / AP, Cash Book Discrepancy Checking
  • Budget and Fixed Asset
  • Income Statement by Branch, Department, Project and various dimensions
  • Support GST, VAT & withholding tax

This module allows users to perform transactions and generate reports related to cash and bank account.  Users can issue PV and charge it to expenses directly, or PVs could be used to knock off supplier invoices directly.

  • Payment Voucher
  • Multiple Cashbook per GL code, Multiple Card Configurations per Cash Book
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Cheque management (regular cheque and PD cheque)

This module is usually used by all branches to perform their daily operations and it includes the functions for POS,  invoice, payment, sales return. Features available Include:

  • Point of Sale
  • Invoice
  • Sales Return
  • Settlement/Collection
  • many more

Below is a list of reports provided. All reports can be exported to excel or PDF format.

  • Sales Reports
  • Staff Performance
  • Supplier Management / Payment Processing
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Credit Control
  • Collection and Cash Flow
  • Inventory Management
  • Miscellaneous
  • Tax Reports
  • Stock Reports (Stock Balance Report, Stock Purchase Report, Stock Sales Report, Other Reports)

Wavelet ERP Benefits

Enhanced Efficiency & Effectiveness

The EMP system eliminates the repetitive processes, as well as significantly reduces the amount of time and efforts required to perform the daily business activities. The best EMP practices allow your employees to focus on the more important tasks, maximizing the revenue-generating capacity of your business.

Accelerated Planning & Reporting

The good reporting system across the departments enables your business to respond to the issues in a timely manner, by continuously analyzing the trends and obtaining the analytical insights into the current business operations.

Information Integration

The Wavelet ERP System allows your business for a greater collaboration and more streamlined completion of tasks, by storing the company’s data in a single unified easily-accessible database.

100% Data Security

Offering more secure user-permission settings, Wavelet ERP software implements the high-level security and reliability measures for your company’s sensitive data. The enhanced accuracy, consistency and security of data are just few out of many benefits EMP offers for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wavelet EMP modules include financial accounting, financial management, supply chain, inventory management, order management, shipping and fulfilment, customer loyalty program, point of sales, warranty, logistics and more.   Following are the few out of many benefits of EMP: Reduce Total Cost of Ownership Optimize Cash Flow and Inventory Eliminate the need for Data Synchronization A Real-Time, Comprehensive View of Business Supports distributed Organization Multi-company, Multi-branch in a Single Database Cloud-based Software as a Service (SAAS)
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