Expert Assistance is always available

Please contact us through the following help desk support channels:

1. Wavelet Service Desk

Please click here to proceed to Wavelet Service Desk.   
      – First priority. We have a dedicated support to process the issues
         created on Wavelet Service Desk page.
      – When you create an issue on the Service Desk page, you will receive
         notifications on the progress and changes on the issue.

2. Telegram

Download and install here.
– Connect to our telegram id: @wavelet_helpdesk
– Once connected, please provide the following information:
         a) Service Desk ticket number (WH-nnnnnn)
         b) Your full name
         c) Your company name
         d) Your mobile phone number
– We will create a chat group to connect to our technical support personnel.

3. Hotline 

Call 1700817538 (from Malaysia)
Call +60 17 366 3081 or +60 17 366 3753 (from overseas)
       – This channel is to be used for emergency technical support only (severe & critical condition)
       – For regular discussions and inquiries, you may contact us through Telegram.

4. User Manual 

You may also access the detailed step-by-step instructions to all modules of EMP software here.