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The 21st century, described as the Golden Age of Mobility, has shifted the preference in devices from computers to smartphones. Offering more value, mobile phones and installed mobile apps allow greater flexibility and freedom of movement for customers, making businesses adjust to the modern tendency. The rising trend of developing business mobile applications carries a number of great benefits for companies, while customers get higher value through more convenient channels.

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Wavelet develops mobile applications for their clients, taking into consideration every aspect of the client’s business, including their brand positioning, value they offer, as well as works towards maximizing the user experience at every stage of the user journey. The variety of mobile applications developed by Wavelet includes Customer Service applications, Operational Business applications, Decision-Making Applications & Analytics Reporting applications.


More Value to your Customers

The modern world has shifted from desktops to mobile devices, unleashing enormous new ways for businesses to strengthen their brand presence. Mobile applications can serve as the platform to provide more value through accelerated customer service and support, building relationships and sending offers and updates.

Integrated Business Solutions

Our mobile app integration services provide you with innovative ways to work effectively and gives you the option of utilizing your complete infrastructure behind your applications. For example, integrating apps with a company’s CRM and ERP system platforms gives sales team a single, streamlined user interface and enables accelerated order processing. Our integration practices are the increasingly interconnected approach to delivering a cohesive user experience (UX), business agility and innovation.

Powerful Marketing Tool

In order to use your mobile application as an effective marketing tool, it is important to design it as interactive as possible. The few ideas can include the customer loyalty / reward program, ‘Offers’ page with a click-to-call button, pop-up messages (reminders), social media share options, and blog updates.

Brand Visibility and On-the-Go Marketing

The active lifestyle of modern customers makes them spend most of their time travelling. This trend is imposing additional constraints on the companies and their brand awareness strategy, as the traditional marketing channels, such as TV and magazines are no longer in high demand. Thus, having a technology tool that will help the business to always stay connected to their customers is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wavelet mobile app development team is the combination of professional Product Strategists, Project Managers, UX Designers, UI Designers, Business Analysts and IT engineers. The strength of Wavelet team lies in the diversity of skills and backgrounds of our team members. Based on their rich experience and in-depth research, the unique strategy for your company is developed and implemented with the best time management practices.
Wavelet develops the various types of mobile applications useful for business of any size in any industry. Those mobile applications include Customer Service applications, Operational Business Applications, Decision-Making applications and many more.
Yes, mobile apps developed by Wavelet are easy to use, quick to configure and extensively customizable. Our custom mobile app development services can help you achieve the operational efficiencies and customer engagement to grow your business.

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