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Custom Cloud Solutions Based on Your Needs

We use the automated processes to streamline migration of physical and virtual workloads, to accelerate your business growth.

Wavelet facilitates the cloud migration process of your business data with the highest level of security and minimal risk. Our migration services are reliable, secure, and efficient and require minimal downtime. We truly believe in the effectiveness of cloud technologies for businesses, delivering our services at its highest level. Join Wavelet on you journey to the cloud and benefit from our tools, capabilities, ecosystem and experience.


We use a time-tested and structured approach to cloud migration, as well as reliable tools and technologies designed to simplify the entire process, saving you time and money.


We develop a cloud migration strategy taking into consideration the customer’s needs, cost analysis, as well as desired method of data access and its safety. In addition, Wavelet helps you choose the right set of cloud services, to provide the solutions of the maximal efficiency.


The security of our client’s data is a top priority for Wavelet. We migrate data only with proven encrypted technology, to address all the security concerns, including identity and access management, logging and data protection.

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Reduce migration complexity and eliminate risk with our methodologies. Our migration solution provides you with the flexibility and security enterprises need to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital ecosystem. We handcraft every project with a personalized approach to each customer, by following the most crucial phases of migration process:

Wavelet serves a wide range of industries across both the public and private sectors, within Malaysia and beyond. We have extensive experience and knowledge to develop a solution appropriate and efficient for your industry and company size.

Wavelet will remove the uncertainty and doubts that are likely to happen during cloud migration process. Our experienced team will carefully assess your needs and preferences, and determine the best option for your business. We will create a clear and comprehensive strategy that will ensure you enjoy all the benefits of cloud technologies. We will implement the migration and ensure that your team is trained to fully understand new cloud applications and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cloud migration with Wavelet enables you to unify encryption & control across the virtualized and cloud infrastructure, resulting into the increased security and compliance for sensitive data.
Cloud Migration services with Wavelet features the cloud integration with other services, in order to break down data silos, improve connectivity, visibility, cost effectiveness and ultimately optimize business processes. Some examples include: Point-of-sale systems (POS): Automatic synchronization of products and stock levels. Marketing systems: Automatic synchronization of contacts to and from CRMs.
Wavelet assists their clients with all the stages of the cloud migration process, starting from Assessment, Analysis and Strategy Development to Testing, Execution and Transformation. We ensure the on-hand collaboration with our clients to meet the set objectives and expectations.

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Analyzing the unique needs and preferences of every business, we use only a one-to-one customized approach to each client

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