Success Story : ALL IT Hypermarket (Malaysia)

Success Story : ALL IT Hypermarket (Malaysia)

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Background : 

  • On 1 November 2003, ALL IT Hypermarket Sdn Bhd (“ALL IT”) made a groundbreaking news for being Malaysia’s 1st and Largest IT Retail Outlet in a hypermarket concept. From the 1st outlet at Low Yat Plaza, ALL IT has been expanding steadily to 13 Retail Outlets in Klang Valley & 3 Online Stores.


Solution Overview : 

  • Wavelet’s expertise in integrating offline and online operations into a centralized system has been valuable in helping a prominent retail business embrace the concept of O2O (Online-to-Offline). By seamlessly combining their online and offline channels, Wavelet has enabled the retail business to offer customers a unified shopping experience. With Wavelet’s specialized knowledge, the retail business has successfully bridged the gap between their online and offline presence, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, Wavelet has optimized their internal workflow and CRM processes through the implementation of a serverless composable enterprise platform, integrating ERP and CRM modules, as well as managing purchase orders and online marketplace stores.


How AWS is crucial for success :

  • Omnichannel Integration has been paramount for the success of this project – AWS supports the integration of physical and online channels, enabling a cohesive and streamlined omnichannel experience. By leveraging AWS services such as Amazon API Gateway, ALL IT seamlessly connects their physical store systems (e.g., point-of-sale terminals) with their online platforms, ensuring consistent inventory management, pricing, and promotions across channels.
  • With the AWS scalable infrastructure, retail stores handle fluctuating customer demands across their physical and online channels. With AWS’s auto-scaling capabilities, ALL IT can dynamically adjust resources based on traffic, ensuring optimal performance during peak periods while efficiently managing costs during quieter times.
  • In addition, AWS’s reliable infrastructure ensures high availability for both physical and online stores. With services like Amazon S3 for storage and AWS CloudFront for content delivery, retailers, such as ALL IT achieve global redundancy and distribute content efficiently. In the event of a localized disruption or outage, AWS’s disaster recovery solutions enable quick failover to backup systems, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operations, which was a crucial requirement from ALL IT.
  • Importantly, AWS offers robust security features and compliance certifications, ensuring that ALL IT retail stores can maintain the highest standards of data protection and compliance across their physical and online channels. AWS’s security services, including IAM (Identity and Access Management), VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), and encryption options, help such retailers secure customer data, prevent unauthorized access, and meet regulatory requirements.


Conclusion :

  • In conclusion, the successful collaboration between Wavelet, AWS, and ALL IT Hypermarket has revolutionized the retail industry by seamlessly integrating offline and online operations. By leveraging AWS’s powerful infrastructure and services, ALL IT Hypermarket has achieved a unified and scalable omnichannel solution. The ability to handle fluctuating customer demands, ensure high availability, and maintain data security has elevated ALL IT’s competitive edge. With Wavelet’s expertise and AWS’s reliable platform, ALL IT has effectively bridged the gap between physical and online channels, providing customers with a consistent customer experience. This partnership has not only boosted customer satisfaction but also positioned ALL IT as an industry leader in delivering exceptional retail experiences.