Harnessing Technology During and After the MCO Period

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Find out how organisations are using technology to achieve the holy grail of business continuity, advised by five members of the MIA Digital Technology Implementation Committee (DTIC).
This is essential to ensure that business could continue to operate remotely while trying to minimise disruption.
Wavelet as a software house is ahead of the curve, and presents a practical role model for local business technology adoption. All its internal systems are nearly 100% paperless and documents requiring signatures use online tool DocuSign. Business processes are all online, using Jira Software. All office productivity tools use Google Suite, which is fully web-based. All accounting software and payroll software are cloud-based, accessible anywhere, anytime. All internal training programmes use online e-learning software called the Thinkific, and all performance appraisals, score cards, HR interviews, recruitments are already being done online, explained Vincent.
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