Bigledger Recognized by Malaysiakini for its Insights on LHDN’s MyInvois Initiative

Bigledger Recognized by Malaysiakini for its Insights on LHDN’s MyInvois Initiative

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We are excited to share that Bigledger Sdn Bhd has been featured in an article by Malaysiakini, highlighting our support for the Inland Revenue Department (LHDN)’s visionary MyInvois initiative. Our Founder and CEO Vincent Lee emphasized the transformative benefits of this e-invoicing system for businesses in Malaysia.

In the article, Vincent Lee stated, “The implementation of MyInvois is a visionary move that will not only streamline tax compliance but also enhance business operations by creating greater transparency and efficiency.” He discussed how MyInvois will reduce administrative burdens, improve financial reporting accuracy, and foster a more robust and compliant economic environment.

Vincent Lee highlighted the importance of integrating point-of-sale (POS) terminals and e-commerce orders for accurate accounting. He also stressed the need for a centralised data hub or ‘data lake’ to consolidate data from various sources, supporting advanced analytics and real-time decision-making.

“Data hubs not only enhance operational efficiency and compliance but also ensure improved accuracy, quicker processing times, and better visibility throughout the invoicing cycle,” added Vincent Lee. This integration approach complements enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, creating a cohesive ecosystem that boosts operational agility.

Our platform, Bigledger, offers a centralised data exchange hub that goes beyond traditional ERP capabilities. Its modular design allows businesses to customize their systems with applets that meet specific needs, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

For more details on how Bigledger can assist with the MyInvois initiative, visit Bigledger or contact us at or call 016-299 1588.

Read the full article on Malaysiakini: Bigledger Commends LHDN’s Visionary MyInvois Initiative.


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