Wavelet Solutions Recognized in Moneycompass for BigLedger’s Impact on Enterprise Data Management

Wavelet Solutions Recognized in Moneycompass for BigLedger’s Impact on Enterprise Data Management

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Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd is proud to be featured in Moneycompass’s recent article titled “BigLedger by WAVELET SOLUTIONS: Revolutionizing enterprise data management, highly praised by AWS.” The article underscores the pivotal role of BigLedger, the pioneering platform by Wavelet Solutions, in transforming enterprise data management.

Highlighted in the piece is Li Hongfei, CEO of Wavelet Solutions, who emphasizes BigLedger’s role as a comprehensive cloud-native solution tailored to meet the intricate needs of modern enterprises. With its inception in 2003, Wavelet Solutions has continuously demonstrated innovation, with BigLedger serving as a milestone in their journey towards enriching legacy with adaptable and useful solutions.

The recognition Wavelet Solutions has garnered, including the prestigious 2023 ASEAN Software Partner Award from Amazon Web Services (AWS), further underscores the platform’s impact on digitalization and technological advancement in Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

BigLedger’s core architecture, meticulously designed to maintain data quality and lineage, establishes a robust ‘data lake’ supporting a wide range of analytics. This aspect ensures businesses can effectively leverage their data for strategic decision-making, a crucial element in today’s data-driven landscape.

A distinguishing feature of BigLedger is its seamless integration across various systems, enabling enterprises to scale and adapt to evolving data needs without significant costs or complexity. The platform’s ability to bridge disparate cloud services and applications empowers businesses of all sizes to undertake comprehensive data management and analytics, enhancing competitiveness in the modern economy.

Wavelet Solutions extends the utility of BigLedger with an innovative Applet store, offering tools tailored to the needs of different departments. Among these tools is a powerful POS applet facilitating efficient sales transactions across devices and an e-commerce applet supporting various functions from electronic invoicing to membership management.

To read the full article by Moneycompass and learn more about Wavelet Solutions’ impactful contributions to enterprise data management, visit here. Experience the transformative power of BigLedger firsthand by visiting Bigledger.com.

Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a data-driven economy, building upon its legacy of excellence and technological advancement.


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