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Nowadays, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions play a crucial role in the world of business, where the speed and reliability are prioritized by the management across various industries. 

The variety of the modules in one system makes it easy for the operational and management levels to precisely coordinate the business processes and cautiously plan step-by-step respectively. To ensure this, it is essential for businesses to select the best software solutions for internal use and take advantage of their unlimited functions and features. Dedicating a range of publications to the topics related to ERP software solutions, today we will go in-depth to the advantages of cloud ERP systems over on-premise solutions. Stay tuned and updated!

Advantages | Cloud ERP

Enhanced Performance

Problem : One of the key issues many companies face when they implement an in-house ERP solution is that it may frequently require a significant amount of computer power in order to function with the highest level of efficiency. For small businesses, this will most likely imply investing in separate servers that results in high cost due to its set up and implementation. 

Solution : Cloud software architecture is designed from the ground up for the maximized network performance, which can mean better application availability than traditional on-premise ERP systems. It is also important to take into consideration that a cloud-based ERP solution provides real-time data that can be accessed via the Internet anywhere at any time. That means that staff at your company can see accurate information on laptops, smartphones, and tablet devices while they are on-the-way or telecommute—all without extra setup fees or ongoing costs. In addition, the cloud-based solutions only require a steady Internet connection, which many small- to medium-sized businesses already possess. Meanwhile, the ERP solution provider takes care of the resources required to host the solution, saving time and cost for you. 

Lower Cost of Ownership

Problem : On-premise ERP software usually require significant upfront and on-going investments in order to purchase and manage the system, as well as the related hardware, servers, and facilities required to run it. If your business does not have a large or experienced IT team, you may also have to invest more time and resources for extra help from outsourced professionals or provide training to existing ones.

Solution : For cloud-based ERP software, initial costs are comparatively much lower, as the cloud ERP provider hosts and maintains all of the IT infrastructure, ensuring the system is running on a continuous basis, that the data is completely secure, and that product enhancements are updated to your solution without ‘ruining’ your previously implemented customization settings. As regards to the IT resources, a cloud ERP solutions approach allows organizations to give a full focus on business services and business growth to accelerate the shift to digital business,rather than spending a disproportionate amount of their time on maintaining and managing your on-premise systems. It reduces total cost of ownership by optimizing infrastructure and core applications.

Easy Integration

Problem : Those businesses that are considering the implementation of ERP solutions, should always take into account how these new solutions will fit into the overall workflow of their business operations, to avoid repetitive data entry, slowness of operational processes and extra time and resources involved. 

Solution : Cloud-based ERP is equipped with the highly-in-demand ability to integrate with separate platforms. For instance, you may want to integrate your ERP with your e-commerce system, marketplace, warehouse management, logistics system and others. This will allow your business to streamline your operations, accelerate the decision-making process, identify weaknesses and address them, as well as define the excellent business opportunities at a rapid pace. It is proven, the ability of cloud-based ERP to integrate with third-party applications is essential for better resource planning.

Data Security

Problem : The on-premise ERP presents higher risk for the business data stored, in comparison to ERP solution alternative. For instance, the physical damage to the on-site server is most likely lead to the data loss, due to no back-up. 

Solution : Undoubtedly, one of the key reasons why the overwhelming majority of modern businesses select cloud ERP over on-premise solutions, lies in the security of the business data provided by cloud systems. Cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, offer a multilayered security strategy, protecting data and securing access. Therefore, the business users are equipped with comprehensive monitoring and timely, configurable alerts of security issues that might compromise sensitive systems or data.


Are you looking for efficient, secure and entrusted ERP software for your business? EMP is the best solution for you!

Wavelet Solutions is an entrusted ERP solutions provider for more than 16 years, known as Enterprise Management Portal (EMP). 

EMP is a cost effective web-based software that runs on open source platform targeted at retail chain stores, trading and distribution companies. Currently, the EMP has gained traction in several industries including computer retailers, consumer electronics, mobile phone retailers, furniture shops, shoes / footwear company and florist. Having more than 150 customers, EMP has already found its way into companies in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei.

The key features of Wavelet EMP :

  • Web-based software
  • Unlimited number of users
  • More than 1,200 functions
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Third party integration
  • Speed and Reliability
  • Enterprise Data Security
  • Source code availability
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Advanced permission protocol
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Wavelet EMP solution is aimed at assisting SMEs and big enterprises to expedite decision-making, integrate processes, and access real-time information with ERP solutions that scales along your business growth. Following are just a few out of many benefits of EMP:

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Optimize Cash Flow and Inventory
  • Eliminate the need for Data Synchronization
  • A Real-Time, Comprehensive View of Business
  • Supports distributed Organization
  • Multi-company, Multi-branch in a Single Database
  • Cloud-based Software as a Service (SAAS)

EMP is a cost-effective web-based ERP software, aimed at transforming the business management processes into the single complete well-coordinated mechanism for effective decision-making and performance excellence. 

The client-centered approach is at the core of the Wavelet Solutions. Developed and implemented with the customer in mind, our ERP, Software development and Cloud services are more than just ‘products’; they are the thought-out solutions tailored specifically for your business.

ERP Solutions Tailored Specifically to Your Needs