Hiring amidst the jobs gloom | Wavelet Solutions

Hiring amidst the jobs gloom | Wavelet Solutions

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It may be mostly gloom and doom on the jobs front as the virus induced lockdowns put millions out of jobs, but some companies are hiring to meet increased demand for business online.

Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd, and its sister company BigLedger Sdn Bhd, in preparing for the digital transformation of their clients, are hiring five to ten more staff to the 90 that they have across four subsidiaries.

“With the rise of e-commerce, as consumers increasingly shop online, the majority of our small and medium scale clients are keen to implement the enabling digital services,’’ said Wavelet CEO Vincent Lee.

Some new positions were offered before the outbreak; more could be hired as clients transform their brick and mortar businesses into the growing online space.

The employment situation will become clearer by end of May or June.

As the new businesses evolve and new skill sets are brought in, existing staff skills may be reviewed.

With conversational commerce becoming a popular mode of transaction, clients that are, among others, in the consumer electronics, automotive and healthcare sectors, look to tap into this new wave.

Due to continued social distancing, there will be challenges to improve workflow and overcome inter-departmental frictions.

Business continuity will be a major issue, as the economic slowdown bites into consumer demand and may be deeper than expected.

“As they start using new technologies, managing initiatives for business continuity, and working in an online environment, we will be holding their hands and guiding them every step of the way,’’ said Lee, a Cambridge trained electrical engineer turned technopreneur.

One of his two overseas clients is seeking a production base with lower costs, and Lee has a new job of setting up their systems here in Malaysia.

With more than 150 clients, Wavelet that provides enterprise resource planning solutions, has been profitable for 10 out of the 16 years it has been in operation; BigLedger that focusses on unified data warehouse systems, made profits in three out of five years.

In the fight against this coronacrisis, Lee is inspired by a quote from Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.’’

“When I encounter crisis, I can think of stepping back and scaling down, but to me, crisis brings opportunities,’’ he said.

Adapting to change and seizing opportunities in the midst of crisis is not new to this gritty entrepreneur whose education since he was in Form Five, had been financed through scholarships.

“My mother worked as a court interpreter earning RM3,000 per month, and supported three of us,’’ he said.

As his companies journey on their exciting search for opportunities, this young entrepreneur looks determined to make his mark in the brave new world.


Yap Leng Kuen had a respected career as a senior business editor and widely read columnist speaking plainly, for the leading local newspaper. She continues to write Plain Speaking for The Star Online. I am delighted to share her view points and insights, here.